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Be Aware of Roofing Scams

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Roofing scams are increasing in frequency throughout the US, especially in places struck by severe weather. Homeowners are finding that getting their roof repaired might not be as straightforward as it seems. The good news is that most roofing scams are easily spotted if you know the warning signs. Here’s what you need to know to be aware of roofing scams.

Door-to-Door Sales

A salesman shows up on your doorstep and says you need a new roof, and your insurance company will pay for it. They use high-pressure sales tactics and are usually very persuasive. They talk their way onto the roof with a “free roof inspection.” Once on the roof, the scammer uses tools to create damage, or employs other fraudulent methods to make your roof appear to be damaged. To steer clear of this scam, don’t sign any paperwork without having your insurance adjuster come out to take a look at your roof. Ask for references from the roofing contractor, visit their offices, and look into their background.

Down Payments that Go “Poof!”

If a contractor tells you they need the down payment to buy materials (shingles for a shingle roof replacement, for example) or pay for labor costs, it’s a warning sign that you’re walking into a scam. Once they have your down payment, you probably won’t see them again. Protect yourself from this scam by demanding delivery of materials before you hand over the down payment.

Storm Chasers

Many times that there are news reports of severe weather, a few days later, there are reports of storm chasers; contractors that target storm-damaged areas and use the destruction to take advantage of unwary homeowners. These contractors represent a large portion of roofing scams. They do the least possible repairs to the roof, charge your insurance company for better-quality materials and work, and leave you with a roof that will only last a few years at most. Protect yourself from this scam by knowing where their offices are located, and asking for proof of insurance and licensing.

Choosing a Roofing Contractor

Of course, the best way to avoid any roofing scam is to work with local, reputable companies. At Echols Home Improvements, we’ve been proudly serving the Atlanta area since 1960. We’re a family-owned, trusted leader in home improvement, carpentry, windows, shingle roof replacement, and more. When it’s time to replace or repair your roof, we’re standing by to help.

When it is time for a new roof, don’t trust your home to strangers knocking on your door uninvited; contact Echols Home Improvements for a free roof quote. Our estimators are HAAG Certified for storm damage roof inspections and we are accustomed to working with homeowners and insurers.

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