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Established Rules For Proper Roof Replacement


roof replacement job in progress

Here is a roof replacement job in progress on Peeler Road in Dunwoody, Georgia.

What does a homeowner’s untrained eye see?

  • An organized work staging area
  • The protection of the grounds
  • The ladder stand offs that protect the gutters
  • The gutter covers left intact after the roof removal
  • The slide guards at the work area for safety
  • The weather is conducive to removing a roof without putting the home at risk (You might be surprised how often I see a roof being removed with threatening skies overhead – all because the roofing company needs the check!)
  • A totally cleaned and prepared wood deck, ready for a roof replacement.

Also, note how the upper level roof is left intact: the crew is not removing more roofing than can be covered with new shingles the same day. That means no part of the home left without a proper roof overnight.

I see a professional crew and a company with protocols for efficiency and customer care – Echols Roofing & Home Improvements!

Roof Replacement

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