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Timberline High Definition Barkwood installed in Marietta GA


Timberline GAF Shingles installed by Echols a Marietta Roofing Contractors

This photo shows quite a bit about professional Marietta Roofing Contractors that would escape the attention of the untrained homeowner. Homeowners don’t always know what they should be looking for in Marietta Roofing Contractors, other than they don’t want to see something that looks messy. Here is a new roof project Echols just completed on Meadowind Ct. in Marietta, Ga. 30062.


In this photo, though it is hard to see, the men are in body harnesses to comply with OSHA guidelines; additionally, there are slide guards at the bottom of the roof line to help stop slipping men, if needed, and to keep debris from spilling out in large amounts directly onto gutters. Below the photo line the grounds are protected with tarps. Notice the felt is run left to right, not up and down, as I occasionally see done, and that it is attached with plastic cap covered nails (the orange spots) to give the roof greater wind uplift protection for the life of the roof. The shiny material in the valleys above the dormers windows is a waterproof underlayment and the felt, as is proper, is on top of that. To the left, the valley is in place where the upper level roof begins so that the upper level roof drains on top of it, not visa versa. I could keep going, but you get the idea. Lots of details have to be done right for a roof to be installed watertight and safely.

This homeowner, initials D.D., said, “I love this Timberline High Definition Barkwood color! It looks a lot better than what I originally chose for the home, just like you said. And when you see your men at work it is obvious how long they have been working together and how much they know. It is like watching a dance.

Echols Roofing is a Marietta Roofing Contractors who takes pride in installing sound roofing systems for clients.

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